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Occasionally we have specials at McHutchison to share with our valuable customers. These will change as inventory of product changes and special time periods expire.

Keep coming back to this area to check for the most current specials. We hope you find these specials to be of great value to your business.

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Hort Couture

Hort Couture!
For that "WOW" display order your own life size Mannequinn. Choice of two dress styles, add a hat and bling(necklace. sunglasses), a real store stopper.
Exciting annuals and tropical foliage, spring through fall!
POP with eye-appeal....Lady Couture knows plant fashion!
For Independent Retailers only!
You need to differentiate yourself, and Hort Couture provides the solution offering all you need to create a destination that has proven to attract consumers. For grower/retailers we offer liners and un-rooted cuttings, and for instant sales we offer finished material through our nationwide network of Allied Wholesale Growers. The following are available through one of the many plant channels mentioned above:
Avant Garde Annuals, Culinary Couture vegetables and herbs, Tres' Chic Tropicals, Fall Fling, and a wide variety of POP material to compliment the plants and attract your customers.
Hort Couture remains steadfast with its promise to be solely dedicated to the Independent Retailer; you will not find this brand in any of the mass merchants! Let McHutchison and let Hort Couture open up an entire new sales opportunity for you and you business!
For more information please contact your McHutchison sales rep or our main office.


Florexpo's Farm is located in Costa Rica, a tropical country in Central America. Costa Rica has two seasons; Dry Season which is from December-April and Wet Season which is from May-November, but during this time they still have the perfect temperatures for growing. They grow 135 million un-rooted cutting per year of annuals, perennials, herbs and succulents, all under highest standards and sanitary protcols.
Succulents were added to the mix in 2008 and they are still hot. Succulents are difficult to ship as they are heavy, break easy, can have bacterial issues. FLOREXPO thinking of these issues has it under control, they dehydrate the cuttings saving on the damage to the plant and the weight issue. Succulents are the only cuttings that are cut several days before packing.

Orders ship via Federal Express, door to door, in either a 8 kilo or 4 kilo box. For shipments into the United States during the hot months of May to September, boxes are opened and re-iced in Miami before redelivering.
These are only few interesting facts about FLOREXPO, they are always trying to improve their products as you can see. If you are looking for un-rooted cutting please visit our vendor list and take a peak at FLOREXPO's complete line.

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